Website Support + Maintenance





  • 1x Monthly Site Backup & Databases
  • Email Support
  • does not include website updates or changes





    • 4x Monthly Site Backup & Databases
    • 4 hour blocks for website updates & changes
    • Email & Phone Support





    • 8x Monthly Site Backup & Databases
    • 8 hour blocks for website and ecommerce updates & changes
    • Email & Phone Support

    Plans Include:

    • 1 hour Consultation/Meeting
    • Uptime + Security Monitoring
    • Weekly Software Updates (WordPress, theme and plugins)
    • Discounted rate of $5 per block
    • SEO, Traffic + Website Reporting as needed; not included in Standard Plan¬†
    Each plan runs on a monthly recurring basis.
    Unused time does not carry over into the new month.


    $40 per 1 hour / $10 per 15 minute blocks

    All Pay-Per-Request Services will need to be paid in-advance.

    Get Started:

    1. Fill out Request Form
    2. Receive email with contract and invoice
    3. Sign, pay and receive intake form

    Pricing Schedule
    Additional Site Backup & Databases 1.5 Per Backup
    Adding, Editing Or Deleting Any Page Items. 0.25 Per Item
    Adding Hyperlinks To Other Sites. 0.25 Per Item
    Page Relocations And Menu Updates 0.5 Per Page
    Add Posts/Events To Social Media Platforms 0.5 Per Post
    Ecommerce: Add Products 0.5 Per Product
    Integrate Email Marketing Signup 0.75 Per Website
    Changes To A Photo/Graphics (Optimization Included) 1.0 Per Item
    Changes To Page Templates 1.0 Per Item
    Addition Of Pages And Menu Updates 1.0 Per Page
    Seo Optimize A New Page Or Blog Post 1.0 Per Page/Post
    Google Site Map 1.0 Per Website
    Launch An Email Campaign 3.0 Per Campaign
    SEO, Traffic + Website Reporting 8.0 Per Report

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